Monday, September 28, 2009

95. Borderline by Nevada Barr (audio)

After reading Nevada Barr's last Anna Pigeon book which took place on Isle Royale, I was afraid that Barr had lost her touch.  I really did not like that book.  But, I am happy to say that Anna Pigeon is back in top form in this book:  Recovering from the ugly killings on Isle Royale, Anna has been granted a leave of absence to pull herself together and try to save her Park Service career.  She and her husband, Paul, travel to a national park along the Rio Grande and take a river trip with four teenagers and their river guide.  Before the day is over, there are three bodies and a newborn baby.  With help and hindrance from park service officials, politicans and some nefarious characters, Anna solves the murders at the peril of her own life. 

This was a great book to listen to on my trip last weekend.  Anna dealing with the newborn was a great touch of humor with some aaaaah moments thrown in.  The mystery was tight and, even if I figure it out early on, there was an unexpected twist involved.  I've read most, if not all, of this series.  With two exceptions, (see above and the one about spelunking which just made me uncormfortable, she described the caves so well) I have enjoyed them all.  It's a great way to learn about some of national treasures and the park system itself.  I think my favorites were the one taking place in Mesa Verde National Park and the one on Ellis Island.  
Rating:  4


  1. Great review. I've only read one Nevada Barr book and enjoyed it. I own about 6 others but they sit on the shelf unread(sad huh)?

  2. That's interesting. I'm exactly the opposite. I loved Winter Study and didn't care all that much for Borderline. The bad guy in WS gave me the creeps while the one in Borderline seemed cartoonish and unbelievable.

    But, overall, I love Nevada Barr. Blind Descent is the story set inside the cave and it took me two tries to get through that one.

    Have you read Superior Death? It was her first book set on Isle Royale. It's pretty good.


  3. I just picked up Barr's 13 1/2. Only read the 1st paragraph before McDonald's was ready to take my order. I'm anxious to read it because the write-up on the front flap sounds good. It's suppose to be a psychological thriller.

  4. I haven't read a Nevada Barr book, but I'm looking forward to reading the one Booklogged mentioned above.