Monday, September 14, 2009

88. Grin and Bear It (a bear ate my ex . . . and that's okay) by Leslie LaFoy

I've decided that I quite like Harlequin Next novels.  They are romances without the sleaze, served up with a big helping of humor.  This book includes a mystery and I loved the way it played out.   The heroine, Stacy, is in the middle of a rocky divorce.  Her husband has left her for a strip tease dancer and wants everything.  But then, his plane crashes on a mountain slope in Montana and the body seems to have been dragged off by a hungry bear.  But his actions prior to his decline have caugth the interest of law enforcement and Stacy finds herself under suspicion.  Along the way she meet a fine-looking and upstanding county deputy and a darkly good-looking insurance investigator.  Her two co-workers are the kind of women who are characters but always have your back.  And Stacy is just enough of a mess to keep the humor going.  What a fun surprise this light, fluffy book was.
Rating:  4.25

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  1. What a funny title. And the look on that bear's face is hilarious.