Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mrs. Shumak's Boarding House by Marty Kam

I got this book to satisfy my need for a book from Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, I couldn't finish it. Mrs. Shumak's family has owned the house for 150 years and it is falling down around her. In order to save the house from an avaricious developer, she must find the money to do massive repairs. Supposedly this book is humorous and heartwarming, but I never found it in the 82 pages I did read. So I gave myself permission to put it aside and move on to the next book. I still need a book from Pennsylvania and hope I find something more to my taste. Rating: DNF


  1. I think it's good to give yourself permission to put books aside, now and then. I hope the next one thrills you.

  2. I have a terrific suggestion for Pennsylvania - I think all the Lisa Scottoline books take place in Philadelphia. She's one of my favorite authors. I even have one on my shelf, if you want to borrow it. Title is Everywhere that Mary Went.