Monday, April 06, 2009

33. The Woodsman's Daughter

Book Around the States
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This is one of those eipc stories that follow three generations. Monroe Miller is the father of two daughters, the beautiful Dahlia and blind Nellie Ann. He owns thousand of acres of pine trees whose sap he uses to make turpentine. Unfortunately, Monroe has a serious drinking problem, low social connections; and committed adultery once with disastrous results for himself and his family. After her parents' and sister's death, Dahlia is left almost penniless. She moves to another town and begins her search for a rich husband. Her first marriage is a mess, resulting in the birth of a son, Marion, who she loves but is unable to show that love. Her second marriage to a sweet, gentle man gives her the daughter she always wanted. She is overprotective of Clara Nell but also spoils her rotten, leading to . . . you guessed it . . . disastrous results. Clara Nell decides to break out of the net her mother has created around her with . . . disastrous results. Overall, I didn't care for this story very much. There were a couple of characters who played small parts in the story that were sympathetic, but mostly, I found the characters to be incredibly flawed and unlikeable. Even though the story begins in the 1880's and ends in the 1920's, it didn't create a feeling for those time periods. I do think the author did a good job making me feel the atmosphere of Georgia with its hot and humid climate versus the pouring rains or the rare light snowfalls. Rating: 2.75


  1. Aww, the story sounds like it could have such potential. Sorry it turned out to be a dud for you.

  2. It's with a sigh of relief that I read this review. (SIGH) Here's one I don't need to fret about reading. Thanks!