Tuesday, April 14, 2009

36. - 37. Two Audios by Stuart Woods

Wolf Willet is a successful Hollywood producer living in Santa Fe. When he reads about his brutal murder along with his partner and wife, he knows things aren't right. Hiring the best defense attorney in Santa Fe, Ed Eagle, he goes to the police and quickly becomes the chief suspect of a triple homocide. Together the two set about to prove Wolf's innocence, even though he remembers nothing about that night.

Jesse Warden, a former federal agent, is in prison for stealing money and murdering his partner. Suddenly the Justice Department pulls him out of prison and offers him a complete pardon if he will infiltrate an Aryan church stronghold located in Idaho. Jesse assumes a new identity and heads to Idaho where he plans the downfall of the charismatic head of the church.

I had a hard time with these audio books. True, they are abridged, but there is so much of the story cut out that they make no sense. Both books include romances, but there seems to be no rhyme or reason behind them. Also, it's hard to believe how quickly Jesse infiltrates the church and becomes a trusted member. I'm not sure if I would have liked the books better if I had listened to a less cut-up version, but it is possible. The narrator, Tony Roberts, did a great job. His gravelly voice seemed perfect for this genre.

Rating: Santa Fe Rules 2.75, Heat 2.5

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  1. Haven't read anything about Stuart Woods so I can't vouch for his writing.