Friday, March 26, 2010

28. Father's Arcane Daughter by E L Konigsburg

"Once  upon a time, Winston got a new sister. The first time it happened, his parents brought home from the hospital a "creature". Heidi is handicapped and Winston, made to be responsible for her, builds a vocabulary just to describe her - none of the words are particularly nice. The second time, his half sister returned home sixteen years after she was kidnapped. At first unhappy at Caroline's arrival, Winston slowly comes to appreciate her presence in their lives, just as he really begins to question whether or not she is really Caroline.

An interesting story, told in Winston's words as he speaks to his sister (which sister is not identified for some time) about what happened twenty years ago, when Caroline came home. Well told, the reader gets the feeling, eventually, that either answer to the mystery of Caroline would be fine. It is far less important WHO she is than THAT she is."   Review from by Anna M Ligtenberg

This is probably my least favorite of the three Konigsburg books I've read, but even so I liked it a lot.  Winston is such a unforgettable character, torn between his embarrassment and resentment of his younger sister, Heidi, and his need to protect her.  Caroline is much needed addition of sanity and normalcy to the dysfunctional Carmichael family.  This is a well-told dramatic story that draws you in and holds your interest right to the end.
Rating:  4


  1. This sounds good. I've read about four of Konigsberg's books and have liked them all, especially Mixed-Up Files and The View From Saturday. I've never even heard of this one--I'll have to check it out.

  2. it was a wonderful story and i seem 2 remeber years ago it was turned into a made 4 t.v movie. I highly recommend it, a beautifil read,