Tuesday, March 02, 2010

18. The Bone Vault by Linda Fairstein (Audio)

I like to listen to Linda Fairstein's books while I travel.  They are fast-paced and full of mystery and intrigue.  Just the thing to keep me awake.  Both of her books that I have listened to were narrated by Blair Brown who does an excellent job of creating voices and accents for each individual character.  This particular book involves Alexandra Cooper, an assistant DA in New York City.  I think there is a whole series with this character.  Alexandra is attending a function at the Metropolitan Art Museum when the head of the musueam receives a call about a problem with a sarcophagus sitting in a truck in New Jersey.  She goes to investigate and meets up with Mike Chapman, a homocide copy from the NYPD.  Together the two have to find the identity of the body found in the sarcophagus and solve her murder.  Along the way, the reader is treated to some back chop workings of the Met along with the competing Museum of Natural History.  Alexandra and Mike are both great and believable characters.  I enjoyed listening to this audio and will probably find more of Fairstein's audio books to accompany me on my trips.
Rating:  4

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  1. Framed, I haven't read this entry into Linda Fairstein's series, but I have read others. I like the series and think it is well written. She definitely knows her stuff. Glad you enjoyed it!