Sunday, April 04, 2010

31. Inside the Dream

By Katherine and Richard Greene
This is a large coffe-table-size book but it is filled with fun stories and facts about the genius who created an entertainment dynasty.  It is not a complete biography but includes many great tidbits about his personal and family life along with how he and his brother, Roy, developed the Disney Studio.  I especially enjoyed the format of this book.  Each two or three page spread would deal with different aspects of Disney's life.  One spread would talk about how he met his wife followed by a few pages describing what he was doing professionally about that same time period.  There are wonderful pictures of Walt, his family, his co-workers and friends and, of course, his many creations.  Over seventy people were interviewed for a TV documentary which couldn't include all the material.  This book is the companion to that documentary and it is a fitting tribute to the man.  Naturally, there is very little derogatory things in the book other than he had a temper, was a perfectionist and didn't like naysayers.  But I didn't really want to hear all that.  It was enough to wallow in the nostalgia that this beautiful book creates, bring back many happy memories to me of the productions that I enjoyed growing up and still do.  Rating:  4.75
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  1. Sounds like an interesting coffee table style read. I guess that these kind of books are never that critical of the subject but are usually wonderfully illustrated etc. Thanks for sharing and happy Monday.