Sunday, April 04, 2010

30. Secret Sisters by Tristi Pinkston

I was excited when this book arrived.  Let's face it, we all love getting books in the mail.  Plus I have read three other books from this author, two historical novels and a romance/thriller, and have enjoyed them all.  Secret Sisters may be my favorite so far. 

Warning:  This review assumes you are familiar with LDS culture and the setup of its church congregations.

Ida Mae Babbitt is a sixty-something Relief Society President who notices something amiss with one of the sisters in her ward.  With the help of her three counselors and her nephew, she sets out to investigate while still looking after other sisters in Relief Society who need her help.  The four ladies call themselves The Secret Sisters.  I'm not sure how Ren, the nephew, feels about that; but he is in the thick of things with his surveillance inventions.  Yes, these people break all kinds of laws in their efforts to help; and I found that part of the story hard to swallow.  However, the real charm of the story is following Ida Mae as she tends to her flock.  While the mystery was quite predictable as was the romance; the book was still such a fun read because Tristi incorporates such great humor into the story.  I also liked how this is an LDS fiction that does not proselyte or preach but just includes the church as part of the background.  Mormons are people who care about each other and service is a part of that caring.  The characters in the book are believable:  good people with human failings who are trying to become better.  Ida Mae especially is trying to overcome her tendency to judge people, feeling especially bad when a "good" girl in her ward turns up pregnant.  "In labeling her that way, was it possible that her needs had been overlooked?  Had they been so busy shepherding the "lost sheep" that they forgot to feed the ones in the pen?"  I look forward to seeing what trouble Ida Mae and her secret sisters get into in the next installment. 
Rating:  4.25
Disclaimer: This book was furnished to me free of charge. The preceding review is strictly my own opinion.


  1. Thanks, Framed!

    I had a lot of fun writing this satire ... I'm glad you enjoyed it too.

  2. I enjoyed reading your very honest review.

    I so agree with you, I just love to open up the mailbox and see books are there.

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