Monday, November 30, 2009

116. Bloodroot by Susan Wittig Albert

This novel departs from the usual China Bayles mysteries.  It doesn't take place in Pecan Springs; and the usual eccentric Texas characters are missing.  China travels to her mother's childhood home, a plantation in Mississippi, to help care for the aunt who raised Leatha.  Aunt Tullie is old, grumpy and suffers from a rare genetic disease.  This discovery is just one of the many things whihc concerns China about her aunt's situation.  Shortly after China arrives, an old childhood friend is found in his truck which has been covered by the Bloodroot River.  An young servant at the plantation turns up missing as well.  She remembers seeing a body being dug up in the garden when she was ten.   There are a lot of mysteries and drama going on and China eventually solves all of them.  I just missed the Pecan Springs setting and people.  They make the books so much more fun and interesting.  This one was a little flat for me.
Rating:  3.75

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