Sunday, November 08, 2009

111. English Trifle by Josi Kilpack

English Trifle is the second in a series of culinary mysteries starring Sadie Hoffmiller.  This book sees Sadie and her daughter, Breanna, visiting England with Breanna's boyfriend, the next Earl of Garnett.  As they wait in the manor's sitting room for Liam to come down to say goodbye before they head back to the States, Sadie and  her daughter discover a body pinned to the wall with a fireplace poker.  Naturally, they miss their flight and tumble into all kinds of trouble as Sadie pokes her nose into everything, getting more things wrong than right until it all works out in the end.  While I loved Sadie in the first book, now I found her to be a sort of a caricature of the busybody, gauche American.  Some of her actions just didn't seem to be believable, although she does become more likeable as the investigation progresses.  The story also had your stereotypical patronizing English lord and snooty British servants.   And it just didn't seem as humorous as the first one.  Having said all that, the book did become more interesting the further I got into it as it was a good mystery.  And there were some fun recipes for English cuisine.  I just feel bad that I didn't feel the same connection with Sadie that I did in the first book.  I still plan on reading Kilpack's next book, Devil's Food Cake.  Sadie is back in America and I hope I find her more appealing.
Rating:  3

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