Thursday, August 06, 2009

70 - 73. The Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter by Susan Wittig Albert

I've had the first three of these books for such a long time. When my sister bought the fourth, I decided it was time to read them. At first, I was a bit put off, thinking they were a little too precious and sweet; but I found myself enjoying the books immensely. I like how the author included actual history about Beatrix Potter and her love for animals shines through. The animals of the village of Sawrey are important characters in these books and I really started to look forward to seeing them again and again. As in her China Bayles series, Albert creates memorable and fun characters that are such a pleasure to read about. I plan on reading the next two that are out or almost out and see from The Cottage Tales website that two more are planned. Here's a brief synopsis of each book from that site:

The Tale of Hill Top Farm (2004) —The Tale of Hill Top Farm tells how Beatrix Potter acquired her farm in the tiny hamlet of Near Sawrey, and how her farm began to change her life.

The Tale of Holly How (2005) —A shepherd falls from a cliff, his sheep have gone missing, and Tabitha Twitchet, Crumpet, and Rascal, want to know how, why, and who. Add to this the mysteries at Tidmarsh Manor and Bosworth Badger's Brockery on Holly How, and Miss Potter has her hands full.

The Tale of Cuckoo Brow Wood (2006) —Rats, cats, fairies, and a lady with a mysterious past. Is she a witch, or just out to cause trouble in the Land between the Lakes? Beatrix discovers all the answers.

The Tale of Hawthorn House (2007) —A foundling baby, gypsies camped in the meadow, a fox on the loose, and a nest of unhatched eggs. Miss Potter has another flock of mysteries to solve!

They may be a touch on the fluffy side, but absolutely delightful, fun and easy to read.

Rating: 4.25


  1. I need to spend more time reading. I can't believe how fast you go through books. I glad that all-in-all these books were worth reading. Now I'll have to borrow the first 3 in the series from you. Maybe I better mooch them because I may take forever to get through them all.

  2. I came over from Semicolon. I have read several reviews of these a year ago, but forgot about them. Your review reminded me that I wanted to read them so they are now on my TBR list.


  3. Oh, I put these on my tbr list a long time ago but totally forgot about them. Your review made me remember and makes me all anxious to read them again! Thanks.