Tuesday, October 25, 2011

59. The Little Country by Charles de Lint

"When folk musician Janey Little finds a mysterious manuscript in an old trunk in her grandfather's cottage, she is swept into a dangerous realm both strange and familiar.  But true magic lurks within the pages of The Little Country, drawing genuine danger from across the oceans into Janey's life, impelling her --- armed only with her music --- towards a terrifying confrontation."  From back cover

I really like de Lint's books.  He writes dark, urban fantasies which are imaginative and clever.  The characters are complex and real.  This book differs from other de Lint books I 've read in that there is almost no reference to fairies and other magical creatures.  The story deal entirely with the use and misuse of magic.  There is a story within a story and the two intertwine in a creative way leading to a suspense-filled ending.  Just a tad-bit too much philosophizing for my taste, but overall a great read.  Rating:  4.25


  1. I like folk music and mysterious manuscripts! I'll give this one a try!

  2. I have this on my TBR pile. I hope to read it at some point!

  3. to both of you, i hope you read and enjoyed this one.. he is a brilliant author... if not this one i would recommen THE ONION GIRL ...
    a great critique was just posted on http://www.missance.com/blog/?p=604