Sunday, July 03, 2011

36. The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery

All her life, Valancy has been told how plain she is.  At the age of 29 and still single, she is a disappointment to her sour mother.  The rest of her extended family treats like a joke and control her every move.  When she learns she has a heart condition and could die at any time, Valancy decides it is time to start living.  She starts by keeping house and looking after the dying daughter of the town drunk.  Her family is horrified and tries to have her committed, but Valancy perseveres and finally starts to experience all the things she was afraid to do before.

Not my favorite Montgomery book, but still charming and old fashioned. 

Rating:  3.75


  1. I loved the mood of this book, but, like you, I enjoy many of her others better. I chuckled a lot!

  2. I can't seem to ever get into this book. I must try again one of these days.

  3. I've still only read Anne of Green Gables. I keep telling myself I need to branch out but apparently I'm not a good listener. :)