Sunday, February 20, 2011

7. The Lottery by Patricia Wood

I know I got this book because I had read some great reviews about it.  The premise of a man with a low IQ winning the lottery grabbed my attention.  Right now, I'm having a hard time deciding what to read next, so I picked this one simply because it's a bigger book and hard back.  (Trying to make more room in the library by reading the big books first)  I like the character of Perry.  He is simple and good hearted, works hard and loves his grandmother.  What's not to like?  What I didn't like was the overwhelming use of the F-bomb.  After twenty or so pages, I called it quits.  Unless someone gives me a compelling reason to try this again, I will probably sell it at my yard sale next summer. 
Rating:  DNF


  1. I have heard mention of this a couple times, but can't remember any burning desire to read it. I think I will likely just pass on the experience.

  2. I don't actually remember the language, but I *sometimes* can ignore that. It just depends on the story. Perry is a wonderful character and Lottery is still in my top 2 reads from the last 5 years. If it's not for you, though, go ahead and pass it on! Life is too short to bother finishing books that you don't love.