Saturday, July 10, 2010

54. Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

Thanks heavens, I finished it.  It was hard, I really slogged through the first two-thirds; but it did get interesting towards the end.  There is a very real gothic feel to this book with a sense of menace permeating throughout.  That Mrs. Danvers is a very creepy character.  But overall, I was quite out of patience with the second Mrs. de Winters (we never learn her first name) who narrates the story.  She is such a namby-pamby.  The story would have ended at two hundred pages instead of 416 if she had just talked to her husband or if he had talked to her about anything they were feeling.  Honestly!!  I didn't expect the part about finding a boat in the bay but that is where all the excitement comes in.  And then the ending is so abrupt that you feel dropped, even though the first chapter of the book takes place after the ending; so you're not very surprised, just dropped.  This is my second du Maurier book which I liked better than the first but not much.  I still have Jamaica Inn sitting on the shelves.  What is your opinion?  Should I try it or give it up before I waste my time. 
Rating:  3


  1. I haven't read anything by the author but have heard so many wonderful things about Daphne that I'm surprised you didn't enjoy it. (I am relieved though to find a negative review out there because it only seems fair that it didn't have millions of followers. lol).

  2. I'm personally a fan of du Maurier. I haven't read Jamaica Inn (it's on my bookshelf) but I did read My Cousin Rachel and loved that one equally well.

    My vote is read it. And then maybe I should too, eh? ;)