Wednesday, January 13, 2010

3. Cage of Stars by Jacquelyn Mitchard

"Twelve-year-old Veronica Swan's idyllic life in a close-knot Mormon community is shattered when her two younger sisters are brutally murdered.  Although her parents find the strength to forgive the deranged killer, Scott Early, Veronica cannot do the same.  Years later, she sets out alone to avenge her sisters' deaths, dropping her identity and severing ties in the process.  But as she closes in on Early, Veronica will discover the true meaning of sin and compassion . . . before she makes a decision that will change her and her family forever."  From book cover

From an LDS viewpoint, there were some annoying discrepancies in this book about the Mormon faith and culture:  a temple in Cedar City, and the father and daughter taking the baby boy to the temple to be sealed to the family, father's blessing morning and night are just a few.  I read she stayed with a Mormon friend in the area while researching the book.  Would it have been so hard to have the friend read the book and correct these fallacies?  Mostly I found them annoying because, not only were they incorrect, but the things she got wrong didn't add to the story  line at all.  But I never felt that Mitchard was being disrespectful to the Mormon religion and that was appreciated.  And I do think explaining Veronica's (Ronnie) beliefs about forgiveness and retribution explained her actions very well. I found the story to be pretty compelling and Ronnie was a great character.  Some of the things she did were kind of far fetched and the writing is clearly geared toward young adults.  Still, I enjoyed the book and feel good about crossing it off my challenge. 
Rating:  3.75


  1. I've had this on my shelves for the longest time. I had forgotten all about it until I saw your review. In my quest to read from my own shelves this year I think I'll need to pull this out. Thanks for an even and fair review. You're complaints about researching and having a friend critique it will really help me be more fair as I read it myself!!

  2. I really appreciated your comments about the inaccuracies regarding the LDS church.

    I belong to a well-known, but often misunderstodd minority, as well, and know how people with one set of life experiences might interpret actions or doctrines in a completely different way as to what the members of that religion actually believe.

    Facr chceckers really should check with source authorities.